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What we do:

Job coaching is about helping you, the job seeker, evolve your interviewing skills to get past even the most difficult of interviewing scenarios.

Job coaching starts with a thorough review of your resume, speaking skills, personality traits, and background. It cultivates your life experiences and helps you to learn how to present yourself and answer interview questions in your given career/professional field confidently. In addition, we strategically help you to practice answering in the best way to get past the intensive psychological profiling/analysis that commonly is implemented in professional and executive human resource interview strategies.

Gone are the days where you got hired just based on your experience. Now companies of all varieties want employees who will blend into their corporate atmosphere and match their image, personality, and culturally driven criteria.

Job seekers commonly go on dozens of interviews in contemporary America and have little success. Charlie McGillicuddy can help change that. We work with our clients to help EVOLVE them professionally.

Because of our cutting edge technology and research we put into each individual client, the "how we do it" is a trademark. However, the result we guarantee if you follow the advice and coaching given to you, you WILL GET hired.