Professional Job Interviewing and Coaching Services
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  • Resumé analysis
  • Accent reduction
  • Background investigation
  • Personality testing
  • Contact interviewing hours
  • Research of targeted hiring field
  • Coaching time to develop the answering strategy

Price Structure:

Our pricing structure is based on the kind of field you want to prepare to interview in as each kind of employment (engineering, medical, law, corporate business, education, etc) has their own interviewing process and each company or organization its own interviewing methodology, we do research to create the interviewing strategy each client needs.

After a free assessment of a client's needs, two or three package prices will be offered to him or her.

Corporate CEO position in a Fortune 500 company; Applicant’s country of origin: Spain.
Main Concerns:
- Accent reduction.
- Discussion of skill set and work experience.
- Company vision, and problem resolution strategy.
- Restructuring of resumé.
- Accent reduction.
- 50 interview questions to prep client with.
- Refocus his career objectives to better match the targeted company he/she desires to be hired at.
- Research hours done by us: 7.
- Contact hours with client via Skype: 10.
- Resumé restructuring and email communication.

For those who just want to practice basic interviewing strategy via skype with NO resumé help, personality or background analysis, accent or speaking strategy, or research into targeted hiring field, we charge $90 an hour or prepaid packages.

Hourly Packages